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JinTong Transportation Co., Ltd

Preferential price and fast service


Hand in hand with Jintong, logistics worry free

All round safety control, and the cargo loss rate is the lowest in the industry

 High quality special lines all over the country

 Provide door-to-door service

 Fair price and perfect service

 15 minutes to confirm the receiving vehicle

 More than 200 proprietary vehicles

 Drivers with more than 5 years of driving experience

 Fast receiving response

Planning multiple sets of transportation schemes

 Check the status of goods at any time

 7 * 24-hour professional service

 Freight insurance escort

 The damage to the goods shall be compensated according to the actual price

Choose jintongyunshu to ensure that your goods are delivered on time without any risk

The four advantages of Jintongyunshu give you 10 times safety and 100 times value

Brand logistics enterprises have complete self certification and worry free distribution

Jintong transportation is an excellent logistics enterprise with complete qualifications and 

certificates, which can provide real door-to-door service. 

It is a third-party logistics service brand designated and signed by many enterprises, and provides insurance for each batch of goods to ensure the safe arrival of goods.

Brand logistics enterprises deliver goods faster and safer

Jintong transportation greatly speeds up the warehousing, sorting and sorting of goods byusing the advanced transportation and storage management system, which can provide you withfaster, more accurate and cheaper logistics and distribution services. 

GPS visual tracking, real-time control of cargo information. Simplify the order process, so that your goods can be  delivered faster and save delivery time.

Jintong transportation arranges regular training for each employee. All employees must work with certificates, operate in a civilized manner, and have no falling and stepping on goods, so as to ensure that the damage rate of goods is almost zero. 

Hengtong transport team has a number of special logistics vehicles, all of which are less than five years old. 

Regular training of professional teams, efficient service and multiple guarantees

Emergency mechanism rapid response and punctual delivery dual insurance

Jintong transportation team members provide customers with 7x24 uninterrupted logistics consulting services, scientifically plan each transportation route, and quickly start alternative transportation routes in case of bad weather and road conditions to ensure the timely delivery of goods.

Jintong transportation

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Jintong transportation

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Jintong Transportation Co., Ltd

Jintong Transportation Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive logistics transportation company integrating warehousing, logistics transportation, goods distribution and information service. Since its establishment, the company has always taken "integrity, innovation and win-win cooperation" as its business philosophy and "maximizing enterprise value" as its business purpose, worked hard to develop Jinan logistics market, prosper Jinan economic construction, serve the majority of enterprise merchants, committed to tapping Jinan market potential, gradually building an image brand and providing high-quality service and reputation, Meet customers' all-round logistics requirements.


Service hotline


Continue to create value for customers

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Corporate nameJintong Transportation Co., Ltd

Contact: manager Chu

Service hotline: +8618799152744

Company address: A08, HuiFu business center, No. 318, Lide Road, Xicha Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

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Company name: Jintong Transportation Co., Ltd

Contact: manager Chu

Mobile: +8618799152744

Address: A08, HuiFu business center, No. 318, Lide Road, Xicha Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Wechat: +8618799152744


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